When pushed to hard, some just let go and survive

I've been homeless before, and when was, believe it or not way less stressed out than am now.


I'm here to say that going homeless isn't as bad as it may at first seem, in fact can sometimes be like getting a large raise, if continue to work full time job that is.

I've been homeless before, worked less, yet had more cash in account than do now, now that I work full time, why?, cause had way less BS to deal with, wasn't plugged into the system which just seems to drain you of all your resorces, money, constant drain, no matter how hard you work, can never earn more and above cost of living once pulled into system.

When homeless, could work part time job or jobs, have more free time, more relax time, and near better quality of life.

(although I did live in van I owned at the time)

I know that doesn't make sense to most, unless lived on streets before.

1. When homeless, you socialize way more, never really alone, always someone to chat with.

Once get back into system, everyone locked behind home, apartment, doors and paranoid.


2. When homeless, no one can bother you, since have no home address, even attornies leave you alone since they realize there's nothing to collect from you.


3. When homeless, you get back in touch with 'self', life, nature, and begin to see, notice things of beauty right before your eyes that had long stopped seeing or appreciating.


4. When homeless, as long as still working full or part time, the money you earn builds up much quicker, in that aren't dumping 5-1,400 a month on rent or mortgage, so instead all that income stays with you, stays in your account, next thing you know you have 1000's built up, since unplugged from greedy system.

The key is to stay employed and not completely 'plug out'.

There are many different levels of homelessness...when I was homeless before, I was actually also in school for part of that time or experience, and did quite well actually, cause I was motivated.


5. When homeless, it's like a 'reset' button, you become motivated again to do better, to climb out and improve.


6. When homeless, you begin appreciating the small things again, and life once again becomes 'big'.


7. When homeless you lose weight, eat less, and become much more keen and thrifty.


And I could go on and on...

Being homeless isn't that bad, as long as stay 'tuned in', meaning drug free, and employed, drinking is fine, I suppose, why not.

There's even large garage sized storage facilities one can rent per month, that's cheaper and easier to get than apartment!

Better to pay $230.00 for super large warehouse size storage garage than $950.00 for small apartment...can still save, can still store 'stuff', precious stuff, and have place to chill.

I don't want to be homeless again, but not above it either, if means I can save $12,000 a year or more.

Many homeless, smart ones, go on to save up so much cash that then go on to buy own homes, or land, with all the cash they save.

Life is hard people...and sometimes plugging out of the system, if can, is best way to save and get ahead.

That is if single and don't have family to take care of.

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