Ugly people get depressed to

Ugly people get depressed to, not just Princesses who seemingly have it all, or Princes, or Kings or Queens, but people in lifes alleys also get depressed, like minorities, handicapped, elderly, overweight types, people with physical deformaties and more, humans get depressed, period, but according to ADDS for depression, and commercials ran, only teenage high school Cheerleaders, who are sexy to others, get depressed.


Whether depression or any other area of life, people only care about your condition if


1. Rich, have money


2. Sexy to them


If not rich, and or not 'sexy' to them, or anyone, most could give a dam about your depression, and or you, as far as that goes.


In other words, if person, or agency, doesn't see it'self gaining anything from lifting you out of depression, they could basically give a dam...just being honest.


If not some young cute cuddly bunny type, good luck finding help, or anyone who cares, if anything they'll run the opposite way and see you as a threat when start trying to talk about your problems.


Or they'll see you as 'arrogant', in that they don't realize when a stranger unloads stuff onto another stranger or cashier ect, it's cause they have no one else to share it with.


If depressed, and not 'sexy' to the one you're depressed in front of, again, most could give a crap, you could fall off a bridge and no one would care.


If not famous, no one cares about your mental status, if not rich, people see you as a bother, and if ugly to them, forget about it.


Solution?...try not to get depressed at all, cause if you do no one will care, at least if alone.


And on rare occasions, depression can lead to suicide, again, don't get depressed or commit suicide, for the minute you do, the second your body motionless, no one will care, your body, belongings, will be swept aside, even tossed in trash if no immediate family, and life will go one as if never there.


Better to be homeless ( ) and free to roam, than to be dead and gone, as if never was.


The only people who get remembered when dead and gone are public figures, artists, you know, famous types, but if not famous, forget about it, will have zero value when gone, if alone.


I mean while alive, if a lone, zero people care that you exists, so when dead and gone, it would be -0, so what's the point of giving people the satisfaction of not being here when when were here they still did not care?


And losing everything isn't so bad either, is painful for a while, a few weeks, but no this, when have nothing, worth nothing, no one bothers you anymore, not creditors, banks, nada, people only bug you when they think you're worth something.


Then you simply rise back up and re start.


You can reincarnate yourself while still alive, without having to physically die, never forget that.


This is for those who are not loved, if loved, in loving relationship, have family and friends, none of this will make sense and probablly not for you...later

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