To me, 'thug' mentallity = virus

To me, the whole 'thug' mentality = a virus...


To me, this whole artificially created 'thug' mentality is a virus mindset, and makes zero sense.


Thug types swept into jails and prisons across America, the world, stripped of rights, property and more, and decision making at home.


To me, being a thug is a virus, choosing to be a thug even when don't have to is even more of a virus that I often see 'B' or other ethnic males who's Mother or parents move them out to better areas, yet they still choose to 'act out' or 'act up', for no practical reason other than lack of meaningful identity.


Where as 'white males' have evolved better social sense than that in that many white males can be 'thug' on the inside, but know how to play society with their 'soft' outside features, thus getting buy, a pardon, on cops, police, and even Judges and community at hand.


Black males to dense to realize the tougher front you put on, in todays 2017 society, the more people, institutions, gun for you, and in the end you will loose and simple end up 'tagged and bagged' within the penal system...



Yes, tagged and bagged, now what?


Stripped of shoes, stripped of clothing, stripped of dignity, made to stand bare naked before all!!


Yet 10's of 1000's of 'B' males needlessly follow this path throughout life, why?


Huh, what, duh?


Brains and beauty are what get you ahead in this world, life, not acting like goon thug from the 10th century.


Many white males have figured this out while many B males, or males of color, still learning I guess.



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